Testing Facebook

So WordPress says that Facebook no longer allows 3rd-party apps to post to a person’s profile, which I heartily approve of in a general sense, but it does make it a bit more inconvenient to get my posts there. There would be extra steps involved, and frankly, I just don’t want to do all that. However, Facebook still allows publishing to a Facebook Page. This is one reason why I created a page for my blog. Right now, I’m creating this post to see if it will publish to that page. Here’s hoping that it does. 😊


Rediscovering Jesus – Rediscovering the Bible (Part 1)

Wow. This one hit home!

Christy Lynne Wood


When people of other religions become Christians, they leave behind their old religious books, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, etc. and start reading the Bible. It seems obvious. But, how do you leave behind the Bible and then start reading the Bible? How do you locate the truth when it’s supposedly found in the book that was used to tell you lies? How do you unravel lies about the God of Christianity without leaving Christianity altogether?

These are legitimate and difficult questions.

Unfortunately, the Bible can be used to say just about anything. Grab a verse here and a verse there, or just half of a verse, and you can prove whatever you want. It’s especially effective if you use a version with outdated English: full of words no one uses anymore and definitions that have changed over the years.

Not only is this the wrong way to use…

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