What a Week!

Well, last week was eventful…somewhat.
I’ve been on Spring Break last week and it continues this week. School starts back up on April 5th, and I’m really looking forward to it, except maybe for the fact that I have a physics class first thing. I’m not sure about the wisdom of having a science class in the morning, but then again, it might be better than having one in the afternoon.
Anyway, on Wednesday this last week, I opened up my email to see that I had received one from my ex-boyfriend, JM. For those who don’t know, JM was abusive to me. In fact, he is so typically abusive, it’s scary. According to a mutual friend of ours, he is following the same pattern he did with a previous girlfriend – one who actually moved to Alaska to get away from him. He also would wait several months before emailing her, then wait another few months and email her again. Fortunately for me, his abuse was mostly verbal, but if I hadn’t left when I did, it certainly would have escalated. I replied to his email. Yes, I know, I should have just ignored it, but it’s that niggling little thought that maybe this once I could talk (or write) something that he won’t take out of context or twist to his advantage, or even flat-out lie about. His accusations are hard to ignore, especially when they are false and full of name-calling and straight out viciousness. I warned him that I would take steps to get him to leave me alone (after repeatedly asking him to do so), which he just laughed off. So, I’ve started the process. I have an appointment with a domestic violence advocate this coming Wednesday to fill out paperwork for a protection order. One major consequence of this is that he would no longer be able to go to the same college which I attend. He went there last quarter, but his classes were in the morning and mine were in the afternoon, and they were on opposite ends of the campus. I never saw him, much to my relief. Plus, his emails had stopped for the time being. This will not prevent him from going to college at all, it just won’t allow him to go to the same one I go to. I thought he was finally done…until last Wednesday. I’d appreciate prayers about this.
Thursday night, I went to a Seder dinner with my mother, my little sisters, and my friend, Amy Michelle Wiley. It was a wonderful experience, and I really recommend if you have the chance, you need to go.
Friday, I went to lunch with another friend, Anna Greta Rivera, but this one was not a pleasant experience…at least, not at first. We had stopped at a red light on one of the busiest streets here in town, and just as our car had completely stopped, we heard bang and the car jumped forward. We had been rear-ended! Fortunately, no one was hurt. Anna did decide that she wanted to get checked out, as well as her baby girl, so after her husband met us we headed to the clinic. The baby is just fine and Anna has a strained muscle in her neck. I chose not to go to the doctor, and though I’ve been a little sore and I also have a neck muscle that seems to be strained, I’m just fine. We still went to eat, but obviously our afternoon didn’t go as planned!
Here’s hoping this next week is better!


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  1. Good for you for taking the steps needed to get JM out of your life. I had a boyfriend like that before, I would think I was finally done with him and then out of the blue he would contact me again. I had to get a No Contact order and then he finally left me alone for good. I hope JM finally leaves you alone for good after this and you can move on.


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