I went to the Well again yesterday and heard the man preach about prayer again.  It was better the second time around.  He said something this time that I didn’t catch last time: prayer is the admission to God that you can’t handle it on your own.  Wow.  That’s the first time I’ve heard soemthing like that and it makes complete sense to me.

It makes sense because I’ve had a hard time praying all my life and now I know it’s because I didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t do it on my own.  I wnated to be the one to do it all.  I wanted to do God’s job, and that is pride.  That puts me in the same position as Lucifer before he fell.  That’s a frightening thought and if it weren’t for God’s incredible love and grace, that would be my fate.

So now I’m all about prayer.  I can’t do it on my own.  I need God to get through every day, one day at a time.  He’s got to the the one to do it.  Even something so simple as asking Him to wake me up so I can spend time with Him to how He provides for our needs here and then some – He’s got it covered and I need to rely on Him.


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