Last year I had already gone through so many changes in my life, given up some things, and surrendered even more, that I didn’t feel that I was in a place to celebrate the Season of Lent.

This year I found myself being drawn to the thought of spending time with God…intentionally.  By this, I mean beyond my regular devotion time.  There’s some stuff I’ve got to get through, and it’s something that only God can break through.  So I’m doing it.

For me, I won’t actually be taking anything out of my life – no sugar fast, or caffeine fast, or television, or books, or Facebook, or anything like that.  I will be adding to my life.  In the natural course of it, there will be some things I will have to let go of for a time to make room for what I am adding, but that’s ok.  It will help me keep my focus.

Christ was in the desert for 40 days, without eating or drinking – simply praying and preparing.  This is my desert time, and this is part of my preparation.


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